I'm sure other motorists along with myself are well fed up with the lengthy delay of the roadworks down Blackburn Road.

Whenever I travel down Blackburn Road, going to work at 7.10 am and coming home about 4.20 pm, I never any workmen out!! Why not!?

Surely one of the main arteries out of Bolton should be given TOP priority to clear these roadworks asap.

Most of the drivers are polite and filtering from two lanes to one is not too bad, however there are always the impatient ones who race ahead, do not think of others, one for one etc.

The amount of fuel people must be using for just waiting down to progress Blackburn Road must be astronomical!

Surely the budget for these roadworks can stretch to early evenings and weekends for the workmen to finish these asap!

Are many top local government officials caught up in the Blackburn Road quagmire!?

Craig Withers