This Parrot ..sorry Parliament is 'No more/ceased to be'/ 'bereft of life' /'deceased'.

'I want my money back '.

I mourn the imminent 'death of democracy'.

Ironic that many of us voted to leave because of lack of democracy shown by the EU, now our elected representatives refuse to implement the vote of the democratic majority of the people they represent.

This is a complete betrayal, I think they do not understand or comprehend the anger in the country, we didn't vote to give MPs the power to overturn the result of the referendum.

The Parliamentarians insult our intelligence with their legal wriggling and demeaning gymnastic political manoeuvres to avoid doing what they are paid to do defiance of party manifestos and the largest vote ever take in our history.

Is it not possible for us to have an independent, free United Kingdom, capable of running its own affairs, in a proper functioning democracy ? Is this not what our fathers and forefathers gave their blood for over the last 100 years in two world wars, liberating Europe in the process.

At the 2017 Election the Conservative & Labour parties guaranteed to respect the result of the referendum !!!!...No ifs, no buts!!

Currently the only way you can come up with that promise now is to leave with 'No deal'.

Any other option is complete treachery and changes the political landscape overnight, peoples faith in the democratic process will be gone for generations...and the door opened to a more extreme type of polarised politics.

John Derbyshire