A STAR of EastEnders and Midsomer Murders will sail the high seas in the company of pirates with the Octagon Theatre this Christmas.

Ami Okumura-Jones, who previously starred in the TV shows, will head the cast of the festive production of Treasure Island.

Okumura-Jones will play Jim Hawkins, a restless spirit who chances upon a map leading to the treasure of the infamous captain Flint.

Bent on stopping Hawkins is the notorious pirate Long John Silver, played by Jack Lord.

Joining the cast are Henry Bauckham as Ben Gone and the mysterious Billy Bones, Ebony Feare as Captain Smollett, Heather Phoenix as Doctor Livesey and Ben Simon as Squire Trelawney.

There will also be a company of 24 young people from Bolton, who will play various roles including a band of devious pirates.

Director Tim Jackson said: “I am delighted that we’ve assembled such an exceptional cast, who’ll be donning the boots of Robert Louis Stevenson’s much-loved characters.

“This fantastic new British musical stays true to the famous novel, whilst injecting lashings of laughter, music and plenty of ‘ooo-aarghs’!

“Add to that an inspiring young company of dastardly pirates, a spectacular venue, and some classic Octagon sparkle and we have all the ingredients for a sensational, swashbuckling adventure for all the family.”

The musical adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel will open at the University of Bolton Stadium on Thursday, December 5.

Written by Kate Ferguson and with music by Susannah Pearse, the musical will transport audiences to a world of mutinous pirates and seafaring adventures.

Tickets for the show are available online at: www.octagonbolton.co.uk.