THE borough's newest brewery has won an early civic seal of approval.

Bosses at Wayoh Brewery have created a special ale to honour Cllr Hilary Fairclough, Mayor of Bolton.

And the first citizen, along with her husband consort Don, has returned the compliment by officially opening the Lodge Bank Industrial Estate premises.

Cllr Fairclough was also able to taste 'Mayor's Gold', a golden pale ale, for herself after being given a tour of the venture.

"It's a really lovely tribute to the Mayor’s office and I'm very flattered,” she said.

"I hope it proves to be popular and that it's the first of many successful steps for this ambitious brewery.”

Wayoh Brewery is named after the famous reservoir in Egerton which brewery co-director Stephen Hyland’s home overlooks.

He is a 64 year-old businessman, who originally worked in insurance and later vehicle delivery, before deciding to launch the brewery with fellow businessman Paul O'Rourke.

Mr Hyland, born in Little Hulton, was already interested in whisky. He has an enviable collection of single malt Scotch whisky – in fact, a bottle from each one of Scotland’s distilleries.

These have found a new home in the brewery, and a new purpose.

"This is really three businesses in one," he said. "We will have a brewery making traditional beers like bitter, mild, porters and stouts, IPAs and ordinary pale ales and experiment with new craft beers."

"We will also have an events’ section and a separate area for whisky-tasting."

Mr Hyland has carried out all the alterations to the premises himself and there is still work to be done.

Part of this is the 'theming' of the premises which will be devoted to the Horwich Loco Works.

He is a railways buff and is teaming up with Horwich Heritage Centre to provide an archive display.

Mr Hyland, a keen member of the Phoenix Knights of Harmony barber shop, is also eager to have choirs performing in the new venue as it has "very good acoustics".