THE Brexit Party set out its political stall on Bolton's busiest road junction at the weekend.

From 10am until 4pm on Saturday its Bolton North-East general election candidate Trevor Jones and local activists manned a gazebo and table with party literature the intersection of Blackburn Road and Crompton Way in Astley Bridge.

Similar events were held across UK by the new Nigel Farage-led party.

Bolton South-East candidate Mark Cunningham joined the group at the stall for several hours.

Mr Jones said: This was about showing the wider public who we are and what we are all about.

"We had quite a number of people walking past the gazebo asking questions and lending their support. We had people walking away informed with Brexiteer newspapers; badges, sticky-bugs, leaflets, hats.

"The amount of horn-honking and shouts of support made it really feel worthwhile and heartening despite the weather being very undecided and extremely overcast all day. At some points, I wondered if the heavens were going to open and we were going to get drenched."