AN UNINSURED driver will appear in court after police claim they were led on a chase through some back streets.

Traffic officers spotted the silver Peugeot 206 driving through The Haulgh on Monday afternoon.

Police said they finally managed to stop the driver in Halton Street, after a pursuit through a number of back streets near Bradford Street.

Checks showed that the driver had 15 points on his licence - you only need 12 within a three year period to get an automatic ban.

According to officers, the MOT expired more than a year ago and he was also uninsured.

At 2.10pm on Monday, GMP Traffic tweeted: "Despite a tour of the back streets of Bradford Street #XT11 caught up with the driver of this Peugeot 206 and stopped him on Halton Street Bolton.

"MOT expired in Aug 2018 and no insurance held.

"Already showing 15 points on his licence. He's off to court for all offences.

"Car seized."