Moss Bank Park has been cleared after a group of travellers moved in to the car park more than a week ago.

The council sought a court order last Monday to remove the caravans from the site.

A spokesperson for the council said: “After serving a court order last week to remove the travellers they had refused to do so.

"Therefore with the support of the police we enforced the court order on Monday and they have moved on.

"We will be tidying up the area, and are looking at how we can deter this from reoccurring.”

Nine caravans were spotted in the main car park, and it is believed that they were driven over the waterlogged fields to avoid the car park's 2.1m height limit, leaving tyre marks in the grass.

The area had been quiet after recent heavy rain meant many of the fields were flooded.

All occupants were supposed to leave the site by the end of the weekend ending Sunday October 6.