MYSTERY surrounds the death of a loving father-of-three found dead in the locked loft of his house.

Kenneth Carter was pronounced dead by paramedics in his home in Coniston Avenue, Farnworth on May 29 of this year after a friend smashed through the locked fire door leading to the loft.

His concerned former partner Donna Caloe had gone to check on him after not hearing from him.

Despite comprehensive tests following the death, no cause could be found.

An inquest into Mr Carter’s death heard how he had previously taken an overdose.

His personality was said to have undergone a “massive” change after he developed restless leg syndrome, leading to him not sleeping.

In a statement, Ms Caloe, said: “He had a great personality, he was the life and soul of the party.”

But Ms Caloe said there was a change after suffering from the condition, saying: “He became like a recluse. Sometimes he could not work and had problems sleeping.”

The couple, despite separating, were said to be “always in each other's lives”.

And it was Ms Caloe who discovered he had taken an overdose in March.

She said: “He was in bed with a few empty blister packets around him.

“He did not want me to ring an ambulance.”

Following the incident, Ms Caloe said: “He was more reclusive.”

She last saw him on May 24.

Mr Carter visited the Royal Bolton Hospital a number of times and was said to be suffering from anxiety.

Ms Caloe said: “He seemed all right on the 24, he seemed a bit perkier.”

She said she became concerned that Mr Carter had not rung her about his hospital appointment that week.

She went to the house and a friend of Mr Carter was called and he smashed through a fire door and discovered Mr Carter in the loft.

A post-mortem examination revealed there was evidence of lacerations on Mr Carter’s body.

Histopathologist Dr Jonathon Pearson said: “They were quite superficial and mainly associated with self-harm. In my assessment of the wounds, they looked superficial and people do not bleed to death from superficial wounds of that nature.”

Dr Pearson added that medication used to treat anxiety and paracetamol found was “not at levels to cause death”.

He gave the cause of the death as “unascertained”.

The inquest heard a treatment plan had been drawn up for Mr Carter, who had attended accident and emergency a number of times.

Dr Imran Muhammed who saw him at the Royal Bolton Hospital said Mr Carter  to him “if you treat my restless leg syndrome, I don’t have any problems.”

Mr Carter was also being treated for anxiety and was in the process of being referred to a specialist with a interest in sleep. He had told medics he wanted to get better for his ex-partner and children.

The inquest heard there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

Acting Senior Coroner Alan Walsh said: “I accept when there is insufficient evidence to give a cause of death it must be identified as unascertained.

“Kenneth was 53 years of age and I have no doubt he had symptoms of restless leg syndrome and I have no doubt that he was frustrated.”

Mr Walsh said Mr Carter believed there was no cure for the condition.

He recorded an open conclusion.