A MUM has been refused a refund on a car seat despite discovering her 11-month-old son could unclip himself from it – while she was driving.

Elisha Peers said her mother-in-law bought the car seat from Mothercare in the now closed Blackburn store in April 2018.

The manufacturing label from Cybex states the £300 seat will last until the child is four years old – but Mrs Peers said her son can now unclip the buckle with ease.

Although the Blackburn store is now closed, Mrs Peers was told that she could return the seat as Mothercare could not find the purchase online without a receipt.

Mothercare also insisted that the car seat was not faulty – but Mrs Peers has claimed that nobody is taking responsibility for the issue.

The mother-of-one said: “I was driving my son one day and I heard a click from the back. I looked in the mirror and saw he had unclipped the buckle.

“I had to pull over and clip him back in but he kept undoing it and laughing.

“It was lucky the road was quiet. I thought I had maybe not fastened it properly but the next time I tried to put him in it when we were going to a party we didn’t get off the drive. He just kept unclipping it. I had to call my mum to bring her car seat over."

Mrs Peers spoke to Mothercare but was told that because she did not have a receipt the store would not provide a refund, of fix or replace the car seat.

Bosses did offer to check the buckle on the seat to see if anything was stuck in there – but store workers could not find anything.

Mrs Peers added: "I don’t understand why they can’t find the purchase online – and we have now given them card details.

“The head office said they would check the system but they could not find anything either.”

Mrs Peers then contacted manufacturers Cybex, who refused to take the seat back for safety checks.

She said: “When I spoke to Cybex, they said it was my duty to educate my child on sitting in the car seat.

“I drive a lot on motorways, and I would not be able to concentrate if I saw my son climb out while driving.

“Other car seats from Mothercare have been fine, it’s just this one that he can unclip, and the buckles are all the same type.”

The mum then went back to Mothercare again who said they would contact Cybex on her behalf – but Cybex again refused to take the car seat back.

Mrs Peers says is upset at how the issue has been handled and does not think it is fair that she should be refused a refund on something that poses a danger to her son.

A Cybex spokesman said: “Safety is our priority and our harnesses have been designed to meet European safety standards in terms of the level of pressure required to open them.”

Mothercare said it would only comment when they have confirmation of Mrs Peers’ purchase.