A MAN who suffers from PTSD after a horrific dog attack, claims he faces losing his accommodation due to being “high risk”.

But the Salvation Army hostel where Danny Boardman, 28, has been staying for the past five weeks, says that is not the case and disputes his claim that he is being asked to leave because he has called ambulances three times.

An employee of Muamba House in Duke Street, Bolton, said: “He has an appointment on Monday where we will decide whether he stays or not. We consider him high risk and we cannot manage his type of risk.”

When Mr Boardman was aged 19, he suffered life-changing injuries when two bullmastiff dogs attacked him.

Since the incident in 2011, he has suffered with seizures and claimed he had rung three ambulances for his seizures since he moved into Muamba House.

He said: “I’m called an ambulance yesterday because I was having a seizure. It’s the third time in five weeks so they came in at about 10am on Friday and told me they were kicking me out. They’ve said it’s because I’m high risk”.

During the dog attack, two police officers had to use Taser stun guns to free Mr Boardman, he said. Mr Boardman has been left with life-changing injuries with severe bites to his arms and legs down to his tendons and bone. In the years since he has had six operations.

A spokesman for Muamba House denied that Mr Boardman was being made to leave for calling ambulances.