VOLUNTEERS at a foodbank are looking to raise cash for a new van to replace the current rundown model.

Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank provides supplies for people who cannot afford their own meals, but the vehicle staff use to move donations is now in need of repairs.

Unfortunately, the cost of bringing the white Ford van back to use would be more than it is worth and the volunteers cannot afford to buy a replacement.

Instead they have turned to the public, asking people to donate cash towards buying a new van.

Currently the fundraiser has raised nearly £200 but more is needed.

The foodbank is run by national charity the Trussell Trust which operates similar services across the country.

The Farnworth branch of the organisation has its headquarters at The Well at Farnworth Baptist Church, in Trafford Street, Farnworth.

This facility is open between noon and 2pm from Tuesday to Friday.

There are also at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Centre, in Plodder Lane, open from noon to 2pm on Mondays and Wharton and Clegg's Lane Church and Community Centre at the same time on Tuesdays.

Anyone who is able to spare food or other items for the charity can drop them off at the Tesco Superstores in Farnworth and Walkden and the Asda stores in Farnworth and Burnden.