GIG meets theatre in the Octagon's world premiere production, Seagulls, which is promising audiences a great night out with live music and drama.


The production, a new take on Chekov’s classic, tells of the ups and downs of a group of aspiring musicians who form a band and dream of fame.

“Gig theatre breaks down the walls of theatre, it invites the audience to be part of the action,” said Tomi Ogbaro, who plays Simon, "It’s a story of friendship, aspirations. It is a story which follows a journey of growth. We have two acts you just see a stark difference in characters in the first and second act when people have either moved on or things changed."

Lauryn Redding who plays Masha added: “Whereas theatre is often a passive experience for the audience, you sit back and watch it, whereas with gig theatre we want people to feel like they are at a gig and they can be part of it as well as enjoying the play.

“The music is amazing, we all play everything, create the music and play the characters and its set around a student band ­— you feel you are sitting in their rehearsals.”

Seagulls is set in Bolton, and is about students at the university, with a character from Farnworth

Lauryn said: "It's amazing to have a brand new world premiere in Bolton."

“At the heart of it, its gig theatre, it’s a play with music but it is also Chekov and there are so many great scenes, there is a journey intensity, love explores all those themes of a traditional play as well as having great music," said Tommi.

Lauryn added: “Also if someone is a traditional Chekov fan, this is a modern day adaptation it is slightly different to something they have seen before, but they will recognise there are lines in it that are taken from Chekov.

"If you don’t know Chekov's Seagull then great, if you do know the Seagull then great too.” Seagulls will be playing at the Library Theatre, Bolton from October 24 to November 16. Visit .