A PAIR of dog owners are appealing to the public to help them with life saving funds for their beloved pet.

Hudson, the beautiful 10-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, was born with genetic pulmonary stenosis which results in his heart valve narrowing. High pressure balloons are inserted into his arteries to ease the constrictions.

Owner Sophie Kenny, 23, said: “I wouldn’t change him. He’s a lovely dog with a great temperament. We were unfortunate because his insurance needed a cooling off period before it came into effect, so we weren’t covered when he was first diagnosed. If I’d gone two weeks later, he would have been.”

Sophie and partner, Cameron Taylor, 24, need to make up £4,000 to pay for Hudson’s treatment, with around a quarter of that having been raised so far.

The money will help pay for his heart surgery and following scans, as well well as any medication or support needed to help prolong his life.

Sophie believes that the breeder she purchased Hudson from may have been deceptive about whether or not he could have had something wrong with him.

She added: “We didn’t think it was going to be bad at the time. She had the mum and the dad, although we didn’t see him, so it seemed okay.

“We have tried contacting her about litter insurance but she hasn’t responded.

“We just love him and he deserves to live because he’s got his whole life ahead of him.”

Anyone interested in donating should search for “hudsonsheart” on JustGiving.com