VETERAN MP David Crausby might break Labour ranks in today's crunch Westminster vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal.

The Bolton North-East backbencher said he may support it if a second confirmatory referendum is attached to the government motion.

He said: "I think this is in many ways a poorer and worse deal than Theresa May's previous one, certainly as far as workers rights are concerned.

"I could not vote for it as it stands.

"However if the government proposes a second confirmatory referendum or if its motion is amended to include one, I might be able to vote for it.

"I shall listen to the debate carefully and play it by ear.

"I think another referendum would strengthen the government's hands in future negotiation with the European Union."

Sir David said revealed his change of position as Bolton West Tory MP Chris Green appealed to his Labour counterparts to back Mr Johnson's deal and rejected a second public vote on the issue.

Yasmin Qureshi, Labour MP for Bolton South-East, rejected voting for an agreement she branded ' bad for the United Kingdom, bad for Bolton and bad for my constituents'.

Mr Green said: " I urge my neighbouring MPs and others across the country to come together and finally get Brexit done.

"If we can come together and get this done then we will decisively move on from the political mire and regain a focus on health, education and law and order.

"If our politicians reject this deal,the country will continue to be consumed in bitter arguments rather than getting on with delivering for people across the country.

"The Labour leadership is pushing their MPs to back another referendum on the EU. So, they seem only to respect democracy when is suits. In a healthy democratic society, even when we lose, we must respect the result, work out what went wrong and move on."

Bolton South-East MP Yasmin Qureshi said: “I shall absolutely vote against this deal.

“It is worse than Theresa May’s which was rejected three times by Parliament.

“The deal drops any environmental protections and workers rights.

“It’s provisions on Northern Ireland will in a few years inevitably lead to it becoming part of the Irish Republic by stealth.

“I know some of my constituents will disagree with me but it is my job to represent their interests and this deal is not in their interests as they will lose key employment rights.”