A DRUG dealer who badly injured two women joggers when he ploughed into them is back behind bars AGAIN after crashing his car in a police chase.

On May 2016 former law student Mohammed Qasim was jailed for four and a half years after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving to Jessica Sammon and Laura Hodgson when he lost control of his car on Moss Bank Way.

The Bolton News:

At Bolton Crown Court Judge Richard Gioserano told him: “You learnt absolutely nothing from the sentence because within a year or so of your release you are out again drug dealing.

“Not only that, but when the police try to stop you you drive dangerously to try and get away.

“Fortunately, on this occasion, nobody was seriously hurt but they so easily could have been.”

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The court heard that 25-year-old Qasim was released in June last year but on August 1 this year police spotted an Audi A4, being driven by Qasim on Bury Road just before 11am

Brian Berlyne, prosecuting, told how Qasim, who is banned from driving until 2023, sped off.

“He turned into a narrow alleyway and drove at excessive speed along narrow residential streets, making sharp turns without looking for oncoming traffic,” said Mr Berlyne, who added that Qasim also drove on the wrong side of the road and drove on a kerb to pass a bus.

Shortly afterwards Qasim, who had been driving at up to 46mph, lost control, mounted a pavement and hit a parked car on Wisbeck Road.

The Bolton News:

He ran off but was captured in nearby Back Ainsworth Lane.

The court heard that police found a freezer bag containing 17 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine, worth a total of £310, on the ground by the driver’s door.

Four mobiles phones, which were continually ringing, were inside the vehicle and contained text messages from people requesting drugs. During a search of Qasim’s Castle Street home police also found £585 in a jacket pocket.

Qasim pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while banned, having no insurance, possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply, money laundering and possessing cannabis.

In 2016 he had crashed into Miss Hodgson and Miss Sammon while driving dangerously and while banned. At the time he had on him heroin which he intended to sell.

The Bolton News:

Imran Ali, defending, said that on release from prison Qasim, who had been a law student, was visited by a drug dealer who wanted £3,000 in payment for the heroin that had been seized when he was arrested.

“He was desperate to make some quick cash,” said Mr Ali, who added that Qasim only managed to obtain temporary warehouse work.

“He was on basic pay and he could not afford to repay the debt.

“He fell into a depression and he began using drugs.

“The devil makes work for idle hands and unfortunately for him, he was tempted to fall into a previous habit.”

Qasim accepted an offer to sell drugs again in order to repay his debt.

Judge Richard Gioserano jailed Qasim for five years and two months.

The Bolton News:

He told Qasim, who appeared for sentence via a video link from prison: “You expressed aspirations to one day become a businessman. I am afraid the only evidence I can see of you running any business is a drug dealing business.”

He added: “In my judgement, I am afraid, Mohammed Qasim, you have shown now, on repeated occasions, a callous disregard for other people.

“Drug dealing shows a callous disregard for other people because it spreads misery and suffering. Driving dangerously shows a callous disregard for other people because it risks the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.

“You, in fact, have already seriously injured two people by your dangerous driving not that long ago.

“It seems to me you have learnt nothing from the sentence that was imposed on you on the last occasion.

“I am afraid on this occasion there must be a long prison sentence.”