A SON smashed his elderly father over the head with a table after he refused to give him £15.

Bolton Crown Court heard how 48-year-old Paul Hinsley had been watching television with his parents at their Gas Street home.

He asked his father for the money but 69-year-old Derek Hinsley refused, saying he would not receive his pension until later in the week.

Fifteen minutes later his son went into the kitchen before returning to the flat's living room.

Without warning he walked up to where his father was sitting, picked up a small table, where the pensioner kept his glasses and newspaper and brought it down on his head.

“Without any notice the defendant picked up the small table and hit Mr Hinsley, initially, on the top of the forehead," said Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting. "Mr Hinsley put his hand to his head and could feel blood. He says he was in complete shock."

Hinsley swung the table down again, hitting his father's hand as he raised it to protect himself and then struck him a third time on the shoulder before dropping the table and fleeing the flat.

Mr Hinsley, who has a heart condition, was treated for bruises and a cut to his forehead which required three stitches.

Hinsley, of Park Street, Bolton, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Sarah Johnston, defending, said that although Hinsley has a drug addiction he had not committed any offences for 19 years.

She added: "The defendant concedes, through me, that this is a despicable offence about which he is thoroughly ashamed.

"The only source of continued support and encouragement he had ever had is from his own parents. They now seek a restraining order preventing him from contacting them. He knows he only has himself to blame."

Judge Graeme Smith sentenced Hinsley to 20 months in prison, suspended for two years, ordered that he had treatment for drug addiction for 12 months and participate in 25 days of rehabilitation activities.

He told Hinsley: "This was a serious and unprovoked attack."

"It is said by you that you just snapped.

"The worrying thing is there was a period of time between the refusal of your parents to lend you money and you resorting to violence.

In other words this wasn't an instantaneous act on their part."