A YOUNG entrepreneur will give a TED talk at the University of Bolton on business and education.

Aymen Mohamed is only 26-year-old and has already worked with the likes of BT, Reebok, and Vodafone in top business roles.

The education student will give a talk at the university, talking about business and education, and encouraging young people to achieve more.

He said: “The talk is called Show Up, Show Off, and is part of my research into graduate employability, and how to show off your skills and move up.”

Previously, Mr Mohamed has worked in a pharmacy business, and also retail, where he undertook high marketing and strategy roles to help companies move forward.

Mr Mohamed works at the university in data management alongside numerous projects.

Mr Mohamed, who was born in Abu Dhabi but grew up in Bolton, has a degree in business management, an MBA, and is now studying his doctorate in Education at the University of Bolton.

He said: “At 14 my school excused someone for the first time in year nine to attend an interview, which was with McDonalds, but I decided not to work with them because I thought it would impact my school work.

“In year 10 and 11, my work was praised in business classes and entrepreneurs came into the school to work on projects with us, and I was recommended for a business developing role at a pharmacy.

“This was a big role for me, as I was just 15.”

Mr Mohamed met the owner of Reebok and even helped set up a marketing and business training school in Dubai in 2017.

He said: “my tutor at the university was setting up this school and needed help, so I joined in, and it’s going well.

“I network a lot and know many entrepreneurs in Dubai and the UK and met a lot of different people.”

Mr Mohamed also won the 2018 Platinum Bolton award for his business involvement.

The entrepreneur is keen to encourage others to follow in his footsteps, he said: “My advice is to not be scared, I took the leap and it paid off for me.

“Get all the experience you can, as it will pay off and I am the living example of this, and I have no regrets.”