BOLTON South-East MP Yasmin Qureshi has expressed her dismay at the failure of a Labour bid at Westminster to protect the NHS from foreign investors privatising key services.

She has blamed the Liberal Democrats for failing to support an opposition amendment.

On Wednesday Labour attempted to change the Health and Social Care Act in the House of Commons.

Its amendment would have prevented the sale of parts of the NHS to foreign companies as a result of post-Brexit trade agreements.

The move was lost by 18 votes after 19 LibDem MPs abstained.

Ms Qureshi said: "I am extremely disappointed. The act enshrined competitive tendering in the NHS and makes it vulnerable to a new trade agreement opening NHS services to competition.

"This very transparently signals the intention of the government to flog off the NHS. When the act was originally passed, the LibDems claimed they backed it due to their coalition promise. Now, free of that promise, we see their true colours."