SALES of fireworks should be curbed to protect families and pets, an MP has said.

Bolton North West MP Sir David Crausby led a campaign for a ban on the public sale of fireworks during the 1990s and 2000s which resulted in a ban on the loudest fireworks, limited sales to certain times of the year and enforced a curfew on their use.

However the MP is calling for the issue to be looked at again, arguing that the curfew is hard for police to effectively enforce and that fireworks in residential areas cause unnecessary distress to elderly people, small children and pets.

Sir David said: “From October through to the end of January almost every night people are disturbed by fireworks, often well after the legal curfew. It can be distressing for vulnerable people and pets, people are at risk of serious injury and it puts pressure on our already overstretched police, fire and health services.”

His calls follow an RSPCA report that recommended shortening the firework sales period and reducing maximum noise levels.