I have today received my 'Guide to Recycling' leaflet from Bolton Council. What a very poor, unclear leaflet it is.

In an attempt to be, I assume, user-friendly, it is big on pictures and low on words. Unfortunately those pictures are not only unclear but are also misleading.

In one such, the bottles and jars seem to be complete with lids. We have been told previously that all lids should be removed and put in the grey bin. Is this still the case?

When dealing with kitchen waste, I knew from previous literature that I could recycle bones (and meat leftovers if I didn't always find a better use for them!) Is a newcomer to the area meant to work this out from a fuzzy picture of peelings, eggshells and undiscernibles?

Until now we have been able to recycle, in the beige bin, the cardboard 1 litre drink containers. This seems to have changed but, if so, why has such an important restriction not been highlighted?

The council will be very disappointed if the amount of contaminated recycling increases in the coming months; I hope this does not happen, but this unclear information could easily lead to that situation.

Tricia New

St Leonard's Avenue