RESIDENTS have been fed "mixed messages" about policing in Bolton, a councillor has said.

Cllr Bilkis Ismail told a police chief that officers had given different information at public meetings.

At the first, residents were told that police would not attend an incident unless there is a threat, risk or harm involved.

But at another meeting, officers said that the police would attend "no matter what the issue is".

She said: "On the one hand our residents are being told for these issues, police will not be able to attend, whereas on the other side of Bolton they’re being told yes, they will."

Superintendent Rick Jackson promised to look into the issues with communication.

He assured the scrutiny committee that officers would attend if there is a burglary but in some cases investigations would close early on.

He said: “If they’re burgled, an officer will attend. But whether it warrants a further investigation or not, that’s at a later stage. I will speak to staff and make sure there’s more consistent communications around the area."