A DRINK driver fled police across Lancashire in a high speed car chase.

The driver of a BMW was pursued by police in Lancashire in a high speed chase all the way from Darwen to Bolton.

The car was tracked by Lancashire Road Police before officers in Bolton took over and stung the car.

The car chase continued into Farnworth, where the driver abandoned the black BMW

and began to run away from police.

After a chase on foot, the police managed to arrest the offender for drink driving and dangerous driving.

Greater Manchester Traffic Police tweeted: "BMW pursued from Darwen by @LancsRoadPolice into Bolton. Taken over by #ME18 + #TVIU.

"Car stung by #XT58 and continued at high speed into Farnworth where it was abandoned. Driver detained after foot chase.

"Arrested drink drive FTS + dang drive @NWmwaypolice #teamwork #noborders."