Now that a general election has been called we will all have the chance to help determine our political future. Regardless of whether people voted leave or remain, in the 2016 EU Referendum most readers will feel frustrated with the ongoing Brexit saga at Westminster. This frustration is not surprising given that there are other important political issues which are currently being overlooked

I was pleased to see that despite people’s frustrations with the current stalemate over Brexit, a staggering 2 million people have registered to vote over the past few weeks.

Whatever people’s views we should always remember that previous generations fought hard to secure the right to vote for ordinary men and women. It takes just a few minutes to register to vote on line at

My view is that country is desperate for real change. We have a clear choice – a Labour Government to rebuild Britain by putting working people and their families first, or Boris Johnson and the Tories, who only ever stand up for the most privileged people at the very top of society.

Over the past nine years, the Tories have looked after the wealthiest few, giving the super-rich and big corporations tax breaks worth tens of billions. Working families on the other hand, continue to struggle to make ends meet and fundamental public services such as schools and hospitals continue to be underfunded and pushed to breaking point. These are the issues on which the outcome of the general election should be decided.

Joan Pritchard-Jones