Peter Hollindale’s letter of 31 Oct made me smile. Peter was concerned about Boris Johnson calling other men ‘girly, big girl's blouse and girly swot’ etc, Peter felt that female voters should be offended and not vote for Boris but for Corbyn based on those ‘sexist’ remarks.

I do not know what kind of shrinking violet ladies Peter is in contact with but most females I have met over many years would not throw their ‘pinny’ over their faces and run into a dark cupboard if they heard the phrase ‘big girl's blouse’.

I had a grandmother who worked on the pit brow sorting coal in winter, heavily pregnant and a husband in the trenches in France in WW1. My mother raised three children during the blitz of Birmingham in WW2 and her husband was in France fighting Nazis.

We lived on rations, she worked on munitions until her house was bombed and she was then evacuated to Westhoughton and started again. These were not pathetic simpering snowflakes offended at the word ‘blouse’, but tough no nonsense women.

As a miner I met pit brow ladies, as a soldier I met service woman, in the police I met police women, most would laugh at ‘girly swot’ and could use language which would make a trawler-man blush.

Take a look at women in sport today Peter, England women’s football, rugby, rowing, cricket, athletics etc, and female boxers who could flatten most men I suspect they need little male ‘protection’ now

I would include my six sisters and two daughters also as examples of strong but feminine women. Say anything remotely offensive to any one of them and you would get it back with interest, and unwanted touching could lead to a fat lip.

As to the suggestion that women should vote for Corbyn as a ‘none sexist’ alternative to Johnson, that again caused me to smile.

A long service Labour Jewish female MP, who has known Corbyn for over 40 years says Corbyn is anti Semitic. Most Jewish people murdered by the Nazis were female and children, over half the Jewish population are female, anti Semitism is then, by definition also anti-female

Corbyn openly supported IRA and other terror organisations. Needless to say most victims of terrorist attacks are female (Manchester Arena bombing!) which does not seem to blunt Corbyn’s support for these organisations.

Women are tougher than men Peter, they live longer and have more mental strength, they will survive words like ‘girly’ and ‘man up’. It’s the ‘men’ I worry about

Ron Shambley

Clough Avenue