A GROUP of actor-musicians have put on a spectacular performance in the Bolton Interchange to raise the profile of their ongoing show.

The live music rang out around the bus station on Friday evening, giving commuters and passing travellers a unique welcome.

The group, performing as their band character counterparts ‘Seagulls’, are starring in a show of the same name, currently running at Bolton Library’s underground theatre.

The Bolton News:

The cast of Seagulls at Bolton Interchange.

Lotte Wakeham, Artistic Director of the Octagon, said that the actors getting out and playing in a real-life setting adds an extra layer to their performances.

She said: “It is a new show, it has got live music and you know- bands go out and play live music,

“They have performed a lot together so they are like a band themselves now, so we thought we should bring them out to the people.”

The Bolton News:

Cast member of Seagulls Lauryn Redding performing at Bolton Interchange.

In an interesting mix of live music and theatre, ‘gig theatre’ is a relatively new entry on the arts scene.

Combining the two adds an interesting and immersive element to the performances, which actor Flora Spencer-Longhurst enjoyed at their gig at the Bolton Interchange.

She said: “It is good to get out and play the music in a different context. It is actually quite a good acoustic here in the station- it is a flattering one in fact.”

She added that playing at the interchange was good for her method acting- as she has been immersing herself in “all things Bolton.”

The Bolton News:

The cast of Seagulls perform at Bolton Interchange.

Seagulls itself is about four aspiring musicians who believe their band will be the industry’s next big thing. However, romances and differences tear them apart and cracks and reality hit hard.

Written by Beth Hyland and loosely inspired by Chekhov’s play ‘The Seagull’, the musical is running until November 16.

To book tickets or find out more, go to octagonbolton.co.uk or call the box office on 01204 520661. The band’s songs ‘Remember’ and ‘Muse’ can also be found on Spotify.