A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy was rushed to hospital after being hit by debris shot out by an explosion in a bonfire.

The youngster was watching the fire with a group of family and friends in the garden of a home in Dunsop Drive, Johnson Fold, when he was hit in the face and neck.

It is not clear what caused the explosion but a crew from Bolton North fire station rushed to the scene at around 8.15pm after receiving a report that the child had been hurt.

He was treated by firefighters at the scene and was taken to hospital by his family. He suffered burns but his condition is not believed to have been serious.

Fire crew manager John Wheeldon said: "There was a bonfire in a rear garden and there was an explosion from the bonfire - we don't know what caused it - and that caused something to be thrown from the fire.

"He suffered burns to his right ear, his neck and his left forearm."

He added: "We always recommend that it's much safer to go to an organised bonfire or firework display rather than having one at home."