A TEENAGER was caught brandishing a machete in Nelson Square just before a large scale fight broke out, a court heard.

Bolton magistrates heard how Ali Khalid Ali had been outside the Level nightclub just before 4am on October 20 and was spotted by doormen carrying the weapon.

Steve Woodman, prosecuting, told the court how Ali approached two men outside the club.

"He is actually seen by the doormen and captured on CCTV to swing the machete in the direction of these two unknown males," said Mr Woodman. "Fortunately, or possibly foolishly, the doormen approached Mr Ali and he dropped the machete and left the scene.

"Clearly it is quite a considerable piece of kit to be carrying around and it could cause considerable damage to someone."

Police were called and, as they were arriving, a large disturbance broke out on Nelson Square.

Officers had to intervene in the fight between around 40 men, one of whom was Ali.

"He was particularly vocal towards the officers, drawing attention to himself and calling them pigs etc," said Mr Woodman. "At that point police didn't know he was involved in the machete incident and just moved him on."

But officers recognised him when viewing the machete CCTV footage and arrested him near The Dragonfly bar.

Ali, aged 18, of Boundary Gardens, Bolton, pleaded guilty to possessing the machete in public.

Magistrates decided their sentencing powers were not great enough and so committed the case to Bolton Crown Court for sentence on December 2.

In the meantime Ali was released on bail with the condition not enter the town centre.