A DANGEROUS driver who was apparently racing another car when they crashed, killing a passenger, had travelled back into the UK after being deported following a drugs conviction, a court heard.

Danish national Ahmed Haider, aged 22, appeared at Bolton Crown Court via a video link from prison and pleaded guilty to causing the death by dangerous driving of Iddris Mohammed, failing to stop and report an accident and entering the UK illegally.

Haider was driving an Audi S3 which is believed to have been racing a BMW M135i before the two vehicles collided at the junction of St Helens Road and Plodder Lane near Four Lane Ends at 11.30pm on September 9.

Mr Mohammed, aged 24, was a rear seat passenger in the BMW which was being driven by his brother, 27-year-old Zekeriye Mohammed.

Charlotte Crangle, prosecuting, told Judge Richard Gioserano that Zekeriye Mohammed is also expected to be charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

During the plea hearing the judge was told how Haider had received a three and a half year jail sentence for drug offences in June 2018.

Prisoners usually serve half their sentence before being released on licence but because Haider, of Fenton Road, Birmingham, was a Danish national, he was released earlier in order to be deported on June 27 of this year.

“Am I right to understand he was deported to Denmark to be free in Denmark?” asked Judge Gioserano.

“I am not sure of any restriction that would have been placed on him,” answered Miss Crangle.

The judge replied: “They can’t be very good restrictions because, of course, he managed to get back into the country somehow.

“The sentencing judge will want to know how he managed to re-enter the country without detection and remain free in order to commit this offence, which led to a man’s death.

“It seems to me to be a potential aggravating feature of the offence. He should not have been in this country at all.”

Haider is due to be sentenced on December 6.