A HOUSE was taped off with a police presence outside after shocked residents woke to a mass brawl over “£15” in the early hours.

Officers were at a property on the junction of Levens Drive and Newby Road Breightmet throughout yesterday.

Neighbours feared one person was injured in the fight which erupted at around 1.45am yesterday and was said to follow an earlier incident at around 8pm on Thursday.

One resident, who does not want to be identified, said: “At about 8.45pm there was shouting between two men, one saying you owe me £15, you’ve stolen from me before.

“Then a fight involving about six people broke out in the street at 1.45am and one came out of a person with huge glass bowl threatening another man with it.

“One of the men was dragged into the house in Levens Drive and I heard this morning he had been stabbed.”

Police were yesterday morning taking statements from neighbours as part of the investigation, with residents reporting another arrest had been made in the morning.

Another resident said: “The door of the house looked as if it had been kicked in and we heard someone has been arrested.”

Although it is not clear what the fight was about, residents say there is a problem with drugs in the area and say they have reported the issue a number of times in a desperate attempt to have the area cleaned up.

One resident said: “It is impacting on the whole community, there are children on the estate and it is a nice place where everyone gets on with everyone but the drugs are having a major impact. We are now hoping that after what has happened something will be done.”

In a statement Greater Manchester Police said: “GMP were called at around 8.15pm on Thursday 7 November to Newby Road, Red Lane, Bolton to reports of an assault. A 38-year-old man was injured but did not require hospital treatment.” 

Arrests were not confirmed.