KEY contracts for council-backed services are set to be singled out for businesses in Bolton.

Construction giants Robertson and town hall chiefs say they want to provide a cash injection for small and medium sized enterprises with the initiative,

Under their Clear Sustainable Futures drive the arrangement will apply to facilities management, estates management, asset, construction and project management services.

The Newton-le-Willows based builder has previously completed work on the £6.5million office complex, at the corner of Great Moor Street and Newport Street, as part of the Bolton Central development, which was taken by Bolton University.

Now the firm and the authority want to extend their involvement, as part of the council's Bolton 2030 scheme.

Rob Holt, Roberston's group director for strategic services, said: "To help Bolton achieve its full potential, it is essential that local businesses from the community have the opportunity to deliver work locally.

"We are looking for all local businesses, including social enterprises, start-ups, and growth businesses across a wide range of sectors to help deliver excellent services and leave a positive lasting legacy in the Bolton area in support of Bolton Council’s goals of ‘economic and inclusive growth for all’."

Cllr David Greenhalgh, council leader, added: "As a council, we are responsible for a diverse property portfolio, ranging from primary schools to listed buildings.

"We want contracts to go to local firms to support our local economy, so I'd urge Bolton small and medium-sized enterprises to look at the many exciting opportunities for us to work together through the Clear Sustainable Futures framework.

"Developing skills and expertise in our local businesses, and boosting the areas’ supply chain, are essential parts of our Bolton 2030 vision."

An open day has been scheduled for December 2, at Paderborn House, between noon and 6pm, to explain more about the implications for local firms.

Some of the opportunities on offer may vary in size and complexity.

One of the contracts currently up for grabs, for emptying skips in Wellington Yard, which would start next year, is for £45,000 or so.

But some of the supported housing deals, across the borough, can go for between £500,000 and £600,000.

Mr Holt added: "Having established a strong relationship with the council, now is the right time to reach out to local businesses to use their expertise and provide them with the relevant training and development tools so they can be in a position where they can be competing for these opportunities at a level playing field .

"It is essential to the success of the framework that we help build capabilities in the local supply chain.

"In turn, the economic value of projects, such as job creation and service provision, stays within the region where it is being delivered."

Plans are also in place for a series of workshops and 'tool box talks', focusing on how companies can eventually tender for contracts and address health and safety, environmental management and sustainability issues.