Anne Frank: A History for Today will be in Bolton from Saturday 9 November, for a two-week exhibition.

Bolton Library and the Bolton News have already had good responses from the public about the exhibition.

Keziah, North West regional manager of the Anne Frank organisation, said:” I’m really excited. We’ve had a really positive response from primary schools. We’ve even had to turn three schools away.

“I don’t know if it’s because Anne would be turning 90 this year or because it’s the 75th anniversary of Anne going to Auschwitz, but there’s been quite a lot of press this year. Or if it’s just because something new is coming to Bolton.”

The museum is also hosting a ‘take over day’ on November 22 with local Bolton schools to give young people a more active role within museums.

Alex Mcleman, collections access officer at the Bolton museum, said: “It’s an initiative for kids in museums to take on the roles that adults do in museums.”

Keziah added: “Peer education is really important to us and we think it’s the best way to get Anne Frank’s message across.”

During the exhibition, Bolton Museum are welcoming various local schools to lead many interactive workshops to encourage peer mentoring.

Children from several high schools are all getting involved, including Westhoughton High School and St Joseph’s High School. Their pupils will be mentoring younger students from participating primary schools.

The exhibition will be open until November 23 but there are hopes that it will return.