CANDIDATES are now joining the race for the Bolton seats being contested in the upcoming general election.

Bolton West is one of the borough's most hotly contested seats, long considered a “bellwether” constituency, the party which wins this seat has typically been the party to form a government.

Potential MPs are coming forward to convince voters and the Labour candidate for the seat has now launched her campaign to win votes. Julie Hilling, who was made MP for the constituency in 2010, is fighting to win back Bolton West in December's election and, on Friday, set out her stall.

The parliamentary candidate said: "It is vital that we get rid of this despicable Tory government which has starved our NHS of money, and now looks to give it away in a trade deal with Donald Trump. Our NHS is not theirs to sell. Only Labour will defend our NHS, and properly fund public services."

Attending the launch at Horwich RMI was Shadow Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Margaret Greenwood, who said: "It is vital people vote for Julie if they want to see the very serious social problems that our country faces tackled and the foundations laid for a fairer society for future generations."

Other candidates to appear on the Bolton West ballot are also coming forward.

The Bolton News will report on Conservative candidate and incumbent MP Chris Green's campaign launch later this week. Lib Dem candidate Rebecca Forrest will be contesting the seat for the second time and Liz Spencer is the Green Party candidate. The Brexit Party is also expected to stand in this seat.