A DANGEROUS driver smashed into a Fiat while trying to flee from police.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Faisel Hussain was behind the wheel of a hired Seat Leon when officers spotted him undertaking another vehicle as it was attempting to turn into St Peter’s Way from Bradford Street, Bolton, on March 20.

But Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting, said the car driver refused to stop.

“The vehicle driven by the defendant made off through a red traffic light and through local streets at 50mph when the speed limit is 30mph,” said Mr Wilcock.

He added that, at times, 26-year-old Hussain overtook several vehicles at around 60mph on Tonge Moor Road, cut the corner of a junction and headed onto Moorfield Grove.

"The vehicle ultimately collided with a Fiat 500," said Mr Wilcock.

"There were two occupants of that vehicle who managed to get out of the car, thankfully with no injuries, although the vehicle itself was written off."

At the time Hussain was on bail after being caught driving while banned and without insurance on February 27.

On March 26 magistrates gave him a suspended prison sentence for the offences in February.

"I bet magistrates were not told that, six days earlier, he had been caught doing this," commented Judge Gioserano.

"The chronology has been fortunate for him."

Hussain, of Gilnow Road, Bolton, pleaded guilty to driving while banned and dangerous driving at his latest court appearance.

Judge Gioserano was told that Hussain has not re-offended in the last eight months and has complied with the requirements of his suspended sentence.

Robert Elias, defending said: "He has applied to enrol for a Salford University foundation course in accounting and finance. In short, it is fair to say, he has grown up a bit."

"The signs are he has not only corrected his thinking, but indeed his behaviour and, while I am not a betting man, the chances of him being before the courts again are certainly less," commented Judge Gioserano.

Hussain was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, must undertake 150 hours of unpaid work and 10 days of rehabilitation activities. He was banned from driving for 12 months after which he will have to take an extended test to regain his licence.

The judge told him: "Had the people in the Fiat been hurt there would not have been any chance of anything other than a prison sentence for you. I decided, on balance, to give you another chance for this — not to take away the progress that you have been making."