HARD-WORKING volunteers who spend hours gardening and decorating a train station were horrified when they turned up at the platforms to find their contributions ruined.

Volunteers from the Friends of Westhoughton group had arrived at Westhoughton station on Remembrance Sunday to stand beside the memorial garden and pay their respects when they made a shocking discovery.

An ornamental chimney decorating the station had been smashed to pieces.

The chair of Friends of Westhoughton, Stephen Freeborn, was devastated to see the damage. He said: “What a terrible indictment of today’s world! No respect. No care. No future.”

The group was set up in 2012 with the intention of clearing the station of weeds, rubble and rubbish. Volunteers plant flowers and make displays to brighten up the area.

Local primary school children have lent a hand to regenerate the station and nearby businesses have donated funds, as well as flowers, pottery, mosaics and people to help clear areas.

Mr Freeborn added that he was ‘very saddened’ by the ‘vandalism’ he was met with.