TWO community leaders from Horwich were honoured on Monday with a commemorative plaque unveiled by the town mayor.

Husband and wife Bob and Barbara Ronson died last year within weeks of each other after a lifetime of service to the borough.

Honorary alderman Bob Ronson served as the Mayor of Horwich, Horwich North East ward councillor and became the first male consort to a Mayor of Bolton when his wife Barbara held this position.

Mrs Ronson was the first female leader of Bolton Council and pioneered festivals in her Horwich hometown.

The Horwich community gathered together to celebrate their lives this week including the Mayor of Horwich, Cllr Gordon Stone, and the Ronson’s son, Robert.

The plaque was provided by the Horwich Branch of the British Legion and Horwich Heritage and a ceremony took place to commemorate over 25 years of service by the couple.