PLANS to open a nursery at the former Hulton Health Centre have been approved by town hall officials.

The site on Linnyshaw Close was purchased by Tafseer Raheemi, a registered charity, in December last year, since when it has been renamed the Hulton Lane Centre for Education.

After transforming the previously derelict building, the charity, which was created with the intention of spreading the meaning and message of the Quran, has used the centre a variety of purposes, including tuition classes for secular education and a youth club for local children during the school holidays.

According to the charity’s planning application, a prefabricated cabin on the site will now be used as a nursery with the development catering for up to 50 children and creating five full-time jobs.”

A spokesperson for Tafseer Raheemi, said: “The building was unoccupied and derelict for quite some time, fallen into disrepair and attracted unwanted and suspicious activities.

“It was noticed that vehicles would arrive on the premises at night and would remain there for some time and the building was vandalised and was an eyesore.

“Following the purchase, the building was secured, decorated and put to a standard whereby it could be used to carry out the activities of the charity. To minimise costs, most of the works carried out by volunteers and much of the improvement costs were donated by well wishers. Items such as a pool table, table tennis, and fusball table were sourced and are used by the attendees of the premises. The car park and land surrounding building was cleaned and is now being maintained by the charity.”

The cabin is described as small in size, occupying 2.2 per cent of the 5,180 square metre site, with a smooth grey plain cladded finish.

“It was felt that the premises were not being used to its full potential,” added the spokesperson. “The trustees decided to make use of the building during the day by starting a children’s nursery. As the building had a number of small rooms it was decided that a portable cabin be obtained and once this was sourced the relevant planning application was submitted.”

Suggested opening hours for the nursery are 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. The main building, which is located off a small estate in Linnyshaw Close near Hulton Lane has parking facilities for 34 cars.