TWO men have been injured after the car they were travelling in crashed into a lamppost.

The men had been driving up Bradshaw Road shortly after 11pm on Saturday, November 16 when the driver lost control of the car and careered off the road.

The car collided with bushes before slamming into a lamppost, ripping it up from the ground.

Both of the car's occupants were treated for minor injuries, however concerns have been raised that they may not have been wearing seatbelts.

Watch manager, Andy Kopicki, from Bolton North fire station, said: "It is important to always wear your seatbelt correctly. They really do save lives."

Following the crash, fire crews shut the road before handing over to Bolton Council officers who were called to deal with live wires from the lamppost which had come to be in the roadway.

The road reopened just over an hour and half later.