Residents living in accommodation near to The Cube are being told they will not be allowed back into their homes until further notice.

The news comes after the fire service announced an investigation into the fire, which broke out on Friday night will be 'complex and take some time'.

An update from Irwell Valley Homes said they had been informed by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service this afternoon, that nobody is to be let back into the Arches or the Picture House as the area is still extremely hazardous.  

Residents living in The Anvil or Sun Alliance Building are being told to stay away also.

People who have pets in any of the buildings are being asked to go to the site and speak to the fire service.  

Anyone requiring emergency accommodation from The Anvil or Sun Alliance Building should call Bolton Council on 01204 336900. 

Anyone needing temporary accommodation from Irwell Valley Homes should contact Giles on 07767 392544 or Paul on 07741268784.  

Irwell Valley Homes released this statement at 4.30pm on Sunday: "We are working in partnership with Bolton Community Kitchen on Bradshawgate (opposite Primark) who serve hot food and drinks.

"They also have a supply of clothes and bedding for anyone affected who may need them.

"We are also working with the fire service to secure the homes. 

"We understand that this is frustrating, and you are keen to know more.

"We are being directed by the emergency services on this and will keep you updated as soon as we know more via text and email.

"Thank you for your patience." 

In addition, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have updated their website with the following information and have annouced that the building did not have ACM cladding.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, GMFRS inspected the building and found that the cladding was not the same as that at Grenfell.

The website states: "GMFRS inspected the building in 2017 following the fire at Grenfell Tower.

"It was established that the building did not have ACM cladding.

"There are two buildings in The Cube, Phase One is classified as a high rise building and Phase Two (the building involved in the fire) is recorded as being under 18 metres and therefore not classified as a high rise building.

"As The Cube is student accommodation, it is fitted with a fire alarm system and operates a simultaneous evacuation strategy.

"GMFRS subsequently requested the fire risk assessment be reviewed and the materials used in the external wall system identified and assessed.

"This assessment was shared with GMFRS and in 2018, subsequent work was undertaken to both buildings by the building owners.

"Following the fire our investigation will consider the materials used within the external wall construction and what if any role these materials played in the development and spread of fire.

"This investigation will be complex and take some time.

"No further information about the external wall system will be released at this stage.

"GMFRS will continue to work with the building owners to determine when it will be safe for parts of the building to be reoccupied and in the interim when it will be possible for personal belongings to be collected."