Reality TV star Charlotte Crosby has announced her split from boyfriend Joshua Ritchie - just months after moving to Bolton.

The 29-year-old, who found fame on Geordie Shore, relocated to the town in August to live with Josh, who is from the town.

But writing on Instagram last night, Charlotte revealed to fans their relationship had "broken down".

She said: "Me and Josh have decided to part ways.

"Sadly the relationship seems to have broken down. Hoping we can still remain civil and wish him the best for the future."


This is us. On a Sunday. About to eat bacon sandwiches in bed off @letitia.crosby 🖤

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Just two weeks ago Charlotte gave followers on YouTube a tour of their Bolton abode.

She documented moving in, taking delivery of furniture, taking a trip to Ikea and offloading rubbish at the tip, before showing fans their sleek modern kitchen and spacious bedrooms.

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Charlotte has previously spoken about relocating to the North West during an appearance on E4 show Celebs Go Dating.

Speaking to love guru Anna Williamson, Charlotte said: "It is a big deal. And sometimes I don't think he (Josh) recognises how much of a big deal it is."

Charlotte explained she was feeling particularly emotional about leaving her three dogs behind in the North East.

She continued: "I'm moving away from everyone who I love and to just have one of the dogs with us would just be a comfort thing to me."

Anna asked Charlotte if she wanted to move to Bolton, to which she replied: "Yeah. Because I want to be with him (Josh) and I feel excited about starting afresh.

"Like, being in the huge house everyone says to us, 'Why would Charlotte want to leave that huge house to go and live in Bolton and a littler house?'

"But that huge house is lonely, it's empty. And it's not a good place to be just on your own."