A DOG owner has issued a warning after he claims his pet was savaged by another dog while out for a walk.

Terrence Gillard says he was out walking his 11-year-old miniature Yorkshire terrier, Gilly, near to Thomasson Park in Halliwell, on the evening of November 6, when he came across a man and a woman each walking a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

He alleges that the one of the ‘very big dogs’ then attacked Gilly and, despite his repeated attempts to pull the animal off ­— sustaining minor injuries in the process ­— Gilly suffered bites to his right shoulder.

Mr Gillard rushed Gilly straight home however his wounds meant that he had to spend a night at the vets.

Mr Gillard added that Gilly has been in a state of shock and “as quiet as a mouse”.

Following the incident, Mr Gillard says he has contacted the dog control unit and police but was told officers would not be able to investigate as he did not have specifics about where the two other dog owners were from.

He added: “This has really upset me and I have cried over it because I did not think he was going to make it. He’s getting better now but he’s still not 100 per cent.”

The police have been approached for comment.