A HYPNOBIRTH coach has spoken about how it can help women before and during labour to deliver their baby.

Stacey Painter from Bolton is an experienced hypnobirthing coach, helping mums-to-be feel relaxed and in control both leading up to and during the birth of their baby.

The mum to two daughters aged five and 20 months, the 38-year-old educates couples on what to expect, breathing exercises, and helps prepare them.

Mrs Painter said: “Hypnobirth is a birthing programme which promotes natural birth, but mums can still use other pain relief methods.

“It is about your state of mind, and helping parents to understand what their rights are, and what questions they can ask the hospital staff.

“Previous mums who have had a traumatic first time may also want to try a new way.”

Hypnobirth programmes involve listening to an MP3, with light calming music and a detailed account of how to relax, control breathing, understand changes to the body, what questions they can ask hospital staff and have control over.

Mrs Painter went through a hypnobirth with her second child, despite it ending as a c-section.

The mum remained calm during her labour even after being told she would need to have the caesarean due to the baby’s heart rate dropping.

She said: “I had the confidence and never felt that I wasn’t in control and couldn’t say no to suggestions if I wanted to.

“Lights were dimmed, my music was on and staff were told to leave me be until absolute necessary.

“After two hours I was on a drip, bouncing on a ball and watching comedy on the iPad and when surges started to get stronger, I focussed more on my breathing and imagery and turned off the comedy.

“I look back with no regret, and no sense of trauma.”

Although there are misconceptions against the process, the 38-year-old mum knows it takes time to get used to the idea.

She said: “People often ask if you are hypnotised or say they tried it and it didn’t work.

“The Dad’s may not be convinced at first either, but when we go through the physical changes and what can happen at the hospital, they are more reassured.”


To learn more about Hypnobirthing, contact Mrs Painter at her Instagram page via @mamaknowsbestbirth