IT doesn't cost anything to be kind just ask the youngsters at Beaumont who are changing the world one kind act at a time.

Pupils used anti-bullying week to demonstrate kindness all week.

A special assembly launched the week and children were set a challenge to pass a kindness coin to as many children as possible throughout the week.

Reception teacher, Mrs Sumner said: "The children had to demonstrate an act of kindness then pass the coin to that person, who then had to pass it along when they were kind.

"By the end of the week we wanted everyone to have completed an act of kindness and passed the coin along!"

And youngsters thought about how they could be kind outside of the school.

So Year Six class made get well soon cards which were delivered to the Beaumont Hospital, Year Five created special artwork to send to emergency services, Year One bakes cakes for Beechville, a care home for senior citizens and Year Four delivered postcards to brighten their day, Year Three thanked staff at the school, Year Two took part in a litter pick and planted bulbs in the playground and reception children made friendship bracelets to give to the local nursery children.

Staff even got involved in the week by passing a kindness cup to each other filled with a little treat and parents of pupils donated books to the school in their own act of kindness.

Stacey Postle, headteacher, said: "We don’t have bullying at Beaumont so we wanted to recognise the week and decided to have kindness week instead.

"On Friday the school showed kindness towards charities by raising money for Children in Need.

"By the end of the week the children felt the importance of kindness and how one small act of kindness can make a massive difference to someone’s day!"