A FASHIONISTA in Westhoughton has become a go-to spot for the north west's TV clothes-conscious stars.

Katy Rostron and Liberty Bluff can boast a clutch of Coronation Street's cast list and the cast of Real Housewives of Cheshire among its customers.

Their endorsement and racks containing a host of well-known labels has helped the high street boutique to flourish, as she marks 12 years since their launch.

Katy, who set up shop with the help of mum Susan Brown, said: "I wanted to offer something special.

"Something affordable and luxurious that you might not see anywhere else.

"It's lovely helping people to find clothes that really suit them and make them feel good. It's why I love this job."

Liberty Bluff - named after an American thoroughfare - has become a fixture on Market Street in the past decade or so.

Labels such as Forever Unique have caught the eye of the likes of Katie McGlynn Victoria Ekanoye and Bhavna Limbachia from The Street and the Real Housewives contingent also pops in from time to time.

But the real change for Katy, who attracts regulars from Presto in one direction to Manchester in the other, has been how the fashion trade has shaped up since the mid-Noughties.

The mother-of-two, who has a four-strong staff and a Saturday girl, as well as mum to call on, added: "The big change over the years has been the move into social media.

"In the evenings, I seem to spend a lot of time on my phone posting and answering inquiries. I also post out nationwide."

Her high street odyssey has also come at a time of great upheaval for her home town.

She said: "“It's now a trendy local high street with nice bars and places to eat, lots of independent businesses and a real cosmopolitan feeling.

"One of the main reasons I wanted to open my shop in Westhoughton was to support the local business scene. I do my shopping here as well."