A THIEF who was stocking up on coats has been ordered to have treatment for drug addiction.

Bolton magistrates heard how Amadine Webster, aged 35, of Century Lodge, Farnworth, stole six coats, worth £520 from TK Maxx in Bolton on November 13 and then went back to the same store the following day where she attempted to steal a further three coats, valued at £260.

She also snatched seven Ted Baker gift sets, worth £405 from Boots on Trinity Street on November 11.

At the time Webster was subject to a criminal behaviour order banning her from going into the stores.

Webster pleaded guilty to breaching the order and the thefts.

The court heard that she has a disregard for court orders and property and she was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.

In addition she was ordered to pay the stores a total of £925 in compensation.