A doctor has shared his wage slip on Twitter to hit out at the Question Time audience member who claimed £80,000 was an average salary.

The man, who appeared on last week's show filmed at Bolton Whites Hotel, claimed he was nowhere near the country's top 5% of earners, saying his 80k annual wage didn't even put him in the top 50% of earners.

He criticised Labour's plan to increase tax on those earning over £80,000, saying it would affect more than the richest 5% of the country.

The audience-member also said: "Every doctor in the country earns more than that [£80,000]. Every doctor, every accountant, every solicitor earns more than that."

Now, Dr Asif Munaf, a Sports and Exercise Medicine specialist in Nottingham, has taken to Twitter to refute the man's claims.


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Dr Munaf tweeted: "This guy is terribly misinformed.

"I spent 6 years at medschool and a further 7 years of specialist training and I get paid £48,000.

"He needs to #factscheck and use some of his £80,000 on a new shirt and trim."

The Queen's Medical Centre employee then shared a photo of his payslip to prove his annual salary.

He is paid a Speciality Registrar (ST3/SpR3) band and is contracted for 40 hours each week.

His pre-tax salary is £48,075.

Dr Munaf, who has an 18-month-old son, also stated that he is the sole earner in his household.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the median salary, the figure directly in the middle, for a solicitor is £41,127.

A chartered or certified accountant can expect a median salary of £35,730.