CONSERVATIVE candidate Chris Green looks set to hold ultra-marginal Bolton West on December 12 while Labour’s Sir David Crausby faces to tough fight to hang on to town’s North-West constituency, a new poll suggests.

The detailed analysis of individual constituencies by respected pollsters Yougov suggests Bury South will go to the Conservatives while Bury North could be saved for Labour’s James Frith by Tory supporters voting for the Brexit Party.

Sir David admitted his seat was 'on a knife-edge' while Mr Green said: 'I am taking nothing for granted'.

The poll suggests Labour will lose 51 seats and the Tories will win 42 extra giving them a total of 359 out of 650 MPs - a working majority.

Bolton South-East comes out of the study as a ‘Safe Labour’ hold for Yasmin Qureshi while one-time Labour stronghold Leigh is described by the Yougov study as a ‘toss up’.

Worsley and Eccles South is a likely Labour hold even though its candidate Barbra Keeley faces a sharp drop in her vote share from 2017’s winning 77.1 per cent to Yougov’s estimated 42.

Mr Green, who won by 936 votes in 2017, is on course 54 per cent of the vote according to Yougov’s figures, up from 47.9 two years ago while his Labour opponent Julie Hilling is set to see her share fall from 46.1 to 36.

In Bolton North-East Sir David (whose majority two years ago was 3,797) is on 42 per cent, down from 2017’s 50.6, with his Conservative rival on 41 making the General Election result a ‘toss up’ according to Yougov.

The pollsters political research manager Chris Curtis said: “In Bolton North East, where Labour currently has a one-point lead, the Brexit party currently looks to be holding the Conservatives back.”

In Bolton South-East Ms Qureshi has a comfortable lead over the Conservatives of 47 per cent to 28.

Sir David said: “I thing it is true to say this seat is on knife edge. You can feel it on the doorstep.It is difficult to say who the Brexit Party is doing more damage to but it’s support to seems have declined since the start of the campaign.”

Mr Green said: “I am quietly confident but we only have to look back to 2017 when the result was far closer than the opinion polls predicted. I am taking nothing for granted.”

Ms Hilling said: “The are almost two weeks to go to the only poll that matters. I am my team are working for every vote. This poll shows there is everything still to play for.

Bury South looks set go Conservative where a 12 point Labour victory in 2017 turns into a three point Conservative lead. Former Labour turned Independent MP Ivan Lewis trails in behind the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party with just three percent of electors saying they will vote for him.

The town's North Seat, where Mr Frith had a majority of 4,735 in 2017, things are much tighter with both he and his Conservative rival James Daly neck-and-neck on and estimated 43 per cent and the Brexit party on six.

Mr Curtis said: “In Bury North our model shows the race is too close to call between Labour and the Conservatives. Here, for every vote the Brexit party is taking from Labour it is taking two from the Conservatives.

Leigh could go Tory where Labour winner Jo Platt’s 2017 20 point margin turns into a one point lead.

Mr Lewis said: “This poll is completely meaningless in Bury South. It does not factor in my position as the former Labour MP now standing as an Independent.”