John Davnall (letters 13 Nov) wrote to tell us that the choice of picking the next prime minister is difficult.

John is shocked that Johnson ‘tells lies’ and on that basis John will not vote for a ‘liar and a fool’ in Johnson. John we are having a general election precisely because we had 650 MPs who were all liars and fools. Good luck in finding a truthful MP John.

I suppose John is proposing that we vote Labour. There is no Labour Party left for people like me to vote for now.

Labour are now the Marxist/Labour party, the Tories are now the Con/Brexit party, and the Lib/Dems are having a laugh using the word ‘Democrats’ in their title, given that they would promptly tear up the Brexit votes of over 17 million people.

Despite over three years of idiocy Cllr Kevin McKeon’s recent letter now asks the electorate not to vote Greens or Lib/Dems because it will be ‘a vote for the Tories’, he wants us all to ‘vote tactically’. Kevin, we have just had over three years of ‘tactical voting’ in parliament and it has all but destroyed the country.

A vote for Lib/Dems or Greens is not a vote for Tories as Kevin suggests, but a vote for LibDems or Greens. Having broken every promise made about the largest democratic vote in the history of the UK, politicians are now trying to gerrymander the voting system to again try to deny the will of the people. Leave it out Kevin, we are sick of the lot of you.

The astronomical spending plans of Marxist/Labour are almost infantile. Roaring inflation (which will happen under Marxist/Labour's eye-watering borrowing plans) will hit people like pensioners, families on benefits, and disabled people who are on fixed incomes, the very people Labour was created to protect.

The problem politicians have with older voters is that we have memories, and we vote, something which younger people do not yet have, nor do they vote. We remember almost total nationalisation of everything in the 70s. Public service workers had their fingers in the money pot and they always won through strikes. The dead were not buried for months, trains did not run, food was not delivered, and waste piled up in the streets attracting rats etc, inflation shot up, and people on fixed incomes suffered, very badly.

I will hold my nose and vote Tory for the first time, I hope that if the electorate give Labour a drubbing Labour may get reinvented and we can return a Labour government in a few years time. Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell and company are a disaster waiting to happen. I am sure that Bolton Labour candidate Ms Hilling is a good person who would aim to do her best for Bolton, regrettably she will fall into line with Marxist/Labour, or be ‘deselected’.

Ron Shambley

Clough Ave