THE people of Bolton will be cheering for Jenny Ryan in the X Factor final tonight . . . and she needs everyone to pick up their phones and vote for her.

TV star Jenny will be singing in the hopes of claiming the X Factor: Celebrity crown.

She is best known as The Vixen on ITV’s hit quiz show, The Chase. But the Bolton-born brainiac became an instant hit when she took to the stage on this year’s celebrity edition of The X Factor.

Jenny spoke of her excitement ahead of the final. She told The Bolton News: “I’m not nervous. I’m really looking forward to performing tonight in the final. It actually now feels like so much of the pressure is off and I intend to just completely embrace the experience. Enjoy being out on that stage, enjoy being ‘Jenny the Diva’ as Nicole calls me, and being a pop star for another Saturday night.”

Jenny has wowed judges and audience members alike, with her Adele and Lady Gaga songs while sending powerful messages about her struggles with her mental health.

She said that she would dedicate a win to people who doubt themselves: “It would be an incredible experience to win The X Factor: Celebrity. It would be an endorsement of all the hard work that I’ve put in and all the effort it took to just take that first step down the road.

“I’m doing this as a representative for anyone at home who has struggled with their own self confidence and their own self esteem. I still doubt myself every single day but the difference has been actually doing it.

“So if I win, I’ll be dedicating it to everybody who has ever doubted themselves and just to prove that you can doubt yourself all you want, but others don’t. When other people put faith in you, that’s when you know you can succeed. “

Bolton Mayor Hilary Fairclough will be on the show tonight, complete with her mayoral chain, to offer Jenny her support. And she urged the people of Bolton to vote for Jenny.

She said: “Jenny has got where she is in the competition by sheer talent and hard work, every week she has come out on top singing different styles but still wowing the judges and the general public.”

Impressing the judging panel, Jenny has joined Bolton’s roster of stars, including comedians, actors and sports personalities. The mayor, who will be in London to support Jenny tonight, added: “I believe that this type of thing all helps to give people pride in their town, the list of celebrities is endless and they are all home grown — it shows what a truly talented town we are.

“I think it is hugely important that we support our Bolton residents in whatever they are doing, this puts Bolton on the map. Bolton is bursting with talent.”

She said: “I truly believe that Jenny can win, she just needs our support. All the other contestants will undoubtedly be asking for the support of their residents so to win we need to vote, vote, vote.

“I shall be their rooting for Jenny I just urge the rest on Bolton to do the same.”

Fans can vote on The X Factor app tonight.