FEARS that voters could inadvertently spoil their ballots have been sparked as Brexiteers respond to the description of the Lib Dem candidates standing for parliament.

Two of the three Lib Dem candidates in Bolton will appear on the ballot paper with "Liberal Democrats - To Stop Brexit" next to their name.

People have been warned against scribbling out these words in protest to the message as this could make their vote invalid.

Local Lib Dem candidates have dismissed allegations that it was the party's intention to influence Leave voters to spoil their ballots in protest.

Warren Fox, the Lib Dem candidate in Bolton North East, said: “I’m proud to be the only clear, unequivocally remain name on the ballot paper with the electoral commission's approved description added alongside my name.

"It allows residents to know exactly who they should be voting for if they want to keep a £50bn remain bonus to spend on public services and ensure we continue to enjoy the benefits of our membership within the EU.”

Warren Fox, the Bolton North East candidate, and Rebecca Forrest, the Bolton West candidate, will appear on the ballot with the description: "Liberal Democrats - To Stop Brexit".

Kev Walsh, the Bolton South East candidate, will appear on the ballot with the description: "Liberal Democrats".

This is because he had completed the paperwork for his nomination before the electoral commission confirmed that the "To Stop Brexit" description has been approved.