LABOUR launched its North-West regional manifesto yesterday with a promise to build a 'Crossrail for the North to improve connectivity and boost the economy of the whole region.

The Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and his Liverpool City Region counterpart Steve Rotheram unveiled the 16-page document at the Manchester Science Park.

It says: "Years of under-investment and neglect by Westminster have left too many parts of the North West stuck with underpaid jobs, low productivity and slow growth.

"Under the Tories, too many people in the North West are struggling to make ends meet or finding that work is no longer a way out of poverty.

" Across the UK pay has stagnated while insecurity and inequality have risen.

"We will kick start a Green Industrial Revolution that will tackle the climate crisis while creating over 110,000 good jobs in the North West and expanding steel, automotive and renewable energy industries.

"Labour will create a North West Development Bank."